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Piano-Brothers, Live 2010

Die Stücke der aktuellen CD begeistern Freunde, Bekannte, Schüler und Fachpublikum, einfach alle!

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Marcel Brunner Marcel     (deutsch)      (français)

Born on November 14, 1964 in Thalwil ZH, married to Silvia.

Rhythm and harmonic sounds have fascinated me since my early childhood.  Therefore it was quite logical that I played the drums already at the age of nine  in a small youth orchestra. The guitar was then my second instrument, later on I  played as a drummer in a "Jazz-Funk-Band". The virtuosity of  "Che & Ray" fascinated me and made me familiar with the "boogie-woogie". Just one day after their concert I began to practice the harmonies I had heard on my piano.  Other very important models for me were the outstanding pianists like Albert Ammons, Sammy Price, Pete Johnson or Axel Zwingenberg. Together with my brother Heinz we soon started to give little private concerts. 
Now I've been teaching the "boogie and blues" in Wetzikon ZH and Sissach BL for over fourteen years. This activity as a music teacher and the success of the "Piano-Brothers" are a wonderful basis to motivate young and adult people for the "boogie and blues" , this splendid music and its fantastic sounds. 

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