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Heinz Brunner     (deutsch)     (franšais)Heinz

Born on September 16, 1968 in Binz

Since my 9th year I've been playing the piano. During four years I took classical music lessons and learnt to play and sing by ear. At the age of thirteen I discovered the "Boogie" and I knew at once that was the kind of music Iwould love about all. While my schoolfriends were playing outside i sat my piano, just for fun, and was practicing riffs, breaks etc. for hours. With sixteen I was the first time on stage, a short time later together with my brother Marcel.
I absolutely wanted to improve my knowledge in this kind of music and therfore I attended the "Jazz School" in Zurich where I also took singing lessons. The fantastic duo "Che & Ray" gave me new inspirations for my music, later the great pianists Sammy Price, Pete Johanson, Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis.
After a concert in Zurich, in the "Kaufleuten", Marcel and me found, that one piano wasn't enough for us. So we decided to buy a second E-Piano for our concerts.
Presently I teach children and adults, actually all those who enjoy playing the piano and love the fascination of "Boogie & Blues". I'd like to make this wonderful music more popular, not only in Switzerland, but also abroad, with concerts of the "Piano-Brothers" of course.

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